Skyguide provides air navigation services in Switzerland and parts of neighbouring countries. With around 1500 employees from more than 30 nations,
we are pursuing an ambitious innovation strategy that is based on a strong safety and learning culture.
We are guided by four values: “We team up to succeed”, “We drive innovation”, “We own what we do” and, finally, “We create great customer value”.
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Public Affairs Manager

Your responsibilities:

The Public Affairs Manager is responsible for, and manages, the political and regulatory dossiers relevant to the company, reporting to the Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer (CCO). This person is also responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the annual report and the sustainability report.


  • Develop and implement public affairs strategies and activities
  • Analyse political developments, legislative processes and regulatory initiatives at national level with some exposure to the European level 
  • Engage in proactive stakeholder management and maintain relationships with political decision-makers, the owner (the Swiss Confederation), regulator (Federal Office of Civil Aviation), industry associations and interest groups
  • Carry out policy monitoring and issue management (parliament, consultations) and provide analysis for senior staff members
  • Represent and communicate the organisation's interests in a political context
  • Prepare statements, position papers, speeches and presentations 
  • Provide briefings for senior staff members and advise them on contact with decision-makers
  • Provide internal forecasts of the likely effect of public policy changes on their organisation
  • Plan and execute the annual report as well as the annual report of Skyguide's Board of Directors for the Swiss Confederation 
  • Contribute to the company's corporate social responsibility activities 
  • Develop, plan and execute a new sustainability (ESG) reporting in line with the requirements of the Confederation 
  • Work in close dialogue with the business units and the Executive Board

Your profile:

  • Several years of practical experience in Swiss Public Affairs and political communication 
  • Practical experience in reporting (sustainability/ESG reporting, annual report)
  • Deep understanding of Swiss legislative processes, political landscape and administrative system 
  • Proven track record in advocacy / Public Affairs in Switzerland
  • Analytical mindset and ability to present complex political issues in an understandable way and to represent them convincingly
  • Excellent writing kills
  • Great networking skills
  • Ideally, university degree preferably in political science, communications, law or a related subject area
  • Fluent in English and either German or French (preferably both.  Comprehension of all three languages is vital).

Location: Wangen b. Dübendorf or Geneva
When: 01.07.2024 or upon availability 
Work percentage: 80-100%